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Levine, Sherrie

S87 (B1 I15–16)
F: Sherrie Levine 1976 fluorescent tempera on paper (h) 17 (p)
B: Modernage Professional Processing (p)
[Sherrie Levine, Sons and Lovers, 1976–1977, one of thirty-six drawings fluorescent tempera on paper.
A reproduction available here.]

S234 (B3 I39–40)
F: Made in USA (p)
B: Ektachrome Transparency (p)
[Three pieces from Sherrie Levine, Sons and Lovers, 1976–1977, fluorescent tempera on graph paper, reproduced from Pictures, exhibition catalogue (New York: Artists Space, 1977), 19.
A reproduction available here.]

S453 (B4 I75–76)
F: Photography U.S. Levine, Sherrie After Walker Evans, 1981 (grave) New York, Baskerville & Watson Gallery Dup. A. Gibson Yale Color A-V 4.86.472 P (t)
B: /
[A reproduction available here.]

S515 (B4 I85–86)
F: L: Sherrie Levine R: Barbara Kruger Difference (h)
B: Return to: The New Museum (h) Manna Downtown (212) 691–8360 (p)
[An exhibition view of Sherrie Levine, After Egon Schiele, 1982, seven chromogenic prints; After Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, 1982, three color photographs; After Alexander Rodchenko, 1984, two black and white photographs; and Barbara Kruger, Untitled (We Are the Objects of Your Suave Entrapments), 1984, gelatin silver print, “Difference”: On Representation and Sexuality, December 8, 1984–February 10, 1985, New Museum, New York.
A reproduction available here.]

S516 (B4 I85–86)
F: Sherrie Levine The New Museum After Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (t)
B: /
[Sherrie Levine, After Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, 1982, one of three photographs.
A view of Levine’s work available here.]