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Unfinished Business: Craig Owens and Art Education
Architecture of Influence: Thinking Through Craig Owens
Tom Burr

* Published in Women & Performance : a journal of feminist theory 26, no. 1 (2016): 1-6.


I’d like to describe a particular setting. By committing this setting to language, I’m hoping to allow it to produce its own enunciations, its own pronouncements, and announce its own limits. I want to get at something, through this setting, which has set the stage for the formation of my approach, of my work, my way of thinking. In considering the setting as a frame, or a series of repeating and overlapping frames, the physicality of these specific spaces becomes structurally akin to language itself, as it utters, confines and defines. And so with language, there are thresholds and passages, opaque walls and filtering screens. The repetition of forms, (as containers of experience, as experience itself), made manifest in art production, in institutional spaces, and in the conditions of language, are all a part of this setting, this configuration of frames….

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